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A Professional And Experienced Team Of Consultants In The Field Of Palm Oil Plantation‚Äč


Agrobiz Solutions is a professional and experienced team of consultants in the field of palm oil plantation and management. We provide high quality, results driven professional consulting on how to build a plantation from zero to harvest using sustainable best management practices. Consulting services ranging from site selection, land clearing, seeding, planting, fertilizer selections, plantation maintenance, harvesting, crude palm oil (CPO) processing, and CPO procesing mill construction.

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The results of a preliminary site survey of the proposed areas, will lead to an increase in productivity in the form of potential high yield crop production. This allows our consultants to estimate the soil level or grade of the plantation area, which in turn will provide the clients precise cost estimates in order to start the project. Scope of work includes checking on the quality of the survey area, perform soil sample and analysis, the current conditions of the plantation (if already built) in the form of maintenance reviews, and the quantity of harvest yields.

Implementation of consultancy development work include, but not limited to:

1. Land Acquisition
2. Area Clearing & Preservation
3. Nursery Management
4. Crop Planting
5. Immature Plant Care
6. Generating Plant Care
7. Crop Pest Control
8. Control of Plant Diseases
9. Harvest Management
10. Erosion Control
11. Fertilizer Alternatives
12. Costs Control
13. Best Management Practices and Long Term Sustainability

Techniques and methods implemented include:

1. Identification Physical Environment
2. Transportation and Communications
3. Land Ownership Research
4. Analysis of Climate and Geology Conditions
5. Topography, Vegetation, Land / Soil, and Water Availability
6. Socio-Economic Analysis (Public Administration)
7. Availability of Manpower, local culture and customs
8. Land Suitability Analysis
9. Feasibility Studies

Our Goals

Our goal is to improve your productivity, reduce costs, and increase harvest yields (and therefore your profit margins) and at the same time reduce environmental impact to the local ecology. Our mission is to assist you in making sound decisions, support you with our knowledge and expertise, and advise you on the right processes and products for your plantation. As a consequence of our vast experience based on long standing reputation for excellence in Palm Oil Plantation Development.

We are able to offer additional services in addition to our consultancy work: