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Objectives and Targets Objective in this feasibility study is to conduct activities and research directly to the prospective location of suitability oil palm plantation land analysis in order to: obtain more accurate data of crops, and soil data in the form of physical and chemical compositions of the soil, soil pH, altitude, state of vegetative areas such as bushes, shrubs, native plants, and condition of secondary forests. Review of the overall dominant vegetations are in the form of yearly fruit crops and annual tree crops. The topography of the area surveyed and supporting landscapes such as the condition of access roads, water sources such as rivers and plains areas. Other support resources as well as socio-economic impact to the local community.
In this study, an assumption will be made in order to finance the construction and operation of such plantation sourced from financing equity (Equity Capital) that of the client / investor, or sourced from other financial institutions or shared financial sources either alone or jointly combined. This assumption aims to reduce the number of charges during the first year of operations. If total cost is too large in comparison with its own capital budget, this will result in a load that is too heavy, and it may present a risk to the liquidity and profitability of the company operating the project (plantation).

Scope Of Work

• Legal Research
• Location Selection
• Land Occupation and Mapping Areas
• Land Clearing Challenges
• Socio-economic Studies
• Soil Compatibility and Research
• Budget and Cost Estimates

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Objective and Target Plans layout in the plantation and the divided sections, the year of planting, plant materials, blocks, nurseries, road network, drainage, location of factories, offices, housing, public facilities and social facilities are described in the master map (plotting design).
Objectives and Targets in this activity is to provide the direction of development in accordance with the principles of agronomy and minimize the development budget in the plantation that has been outlined in feasibility study.

Scope Of Work

• Plot of Main Design
• Land Clearing
• Nurseries
• Cultivation
• Plant Care
• Harvest Preparation of First Planting
• Human Resources



Objective and Target Auditing Implementation of the work that has been, or is being, or will take place will be performed on the basis of a thorough evaluation of the system and subsystems being implemented in accordance with best management industry standards. If the existing operating procedures are insufficient, irregularities or omissions intentionally or natural constraints that occur, an audit is necessary in order to understand root cause of the problem and fix the issues at hand.
Objectives and Targets in this activity is to provide comprehensive audits of palm oil plantations in accordance with the rules of agronomy and and streamline processes that has been outlined.

Scope Of Work

  • Identification of Problems or Ineffciencies
  • Investigation of Internal Corruption / Mismanagement
  • Quantification of Losses
  • Proposed Solutions
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    Objective and Targets of Due deligence activities are activities such as estate purchases. Purpose to be achieved is to survey the area estimate future productivity that will lead to a potential increase for crop production of the area, so as to know the level or grade of the plantation area, which in turn reveal known costs and plans for rehabilitation areas. Scope of work includes checking on the quality of the survey area, the condition of the plant in the form of quality maintenance (up keep), the quality of standards, and area mapping.

    Due deligence activities include two aspects of the survey techniques:

    a. Basic Survey
    To know the general condition of the plantation, environmental, infrastructure facilities and planting area that affects the performance of the plantation. With the following data requirements: company licensing status, history of the land, plants Acres Statement, Recommendation Fertilization, Standardization Maintenance, Production, target achievement of fertilization, crop rotation, rainfall data, Social Aspects, organizational structure.

    b. Detailed Survey
    is the continued implementation of the Basic Survey in which more in-depth survey are conducted with more detailed observations. To understand in detail with accuracy the quality and quantity of the condition of each palm tree, environment, infrastructure facilities and extensive planting area that affects the performance of the plantation.


    Scope Of Work

    • Legality of Purchase
    • Planted and non Planted Area
    • Age of Plantation
    • Mapping Progress
    • Infrastructure Plantation Progress
    • Social cases
    • Potential Plantation Expansion
    • Rehabilitation Cost
    • Budget Progress



    • Agriculture Plantation Tourism
    • Data Presentation
    • Budget Data Calls
    • Plantation Operation
    • Recruitment of Plantation Staff
    • Market Research
    • Market Investigation
    • Palm Oil Directories
    • Palm Oil Studies